In this photo provided by Union Pacific Railroad, known as one of the world's largest electrical power plants, gigantic Hoover Dam also provides a variety of pleasures for visiting vacationers, as shown Feb. 26, 1957. Lake Mead, stretching above the dam for 115 miles, offers excellent fishing all year and is a perfect spot for boating, swimming and other water sports through the long summer season. (AP Photo/Union Pacific Railroad) No Sales

44. Вторая по величине дамба в мире, плотина Гувера, 26 февраля 1957 года. Озеро Мид, самое большое искусственное озеро в мире, стало излюбленным местом для рыбалки, катания на лодке и отдыха в теплое время года. (AP Photo/Union Pacific Railroad)


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