These six 82,500 kva generators in the Nevada wing of the power house at Boulder Dam were the biggest in the world on Feb. 7, 1939. Power produced at the dam by these generators and one in the Arizona wing, amounted to 130,000,000 kilowatt hours of energy each month which sold for $290,000. The Bureau of Reclamation which built and operated the dam, received $3,297,289 in two years. Production at that time was approximately one-third of the ultimate capacity. (AP Photo)

39. Самые мощные генераторы в мире на 7 февраля 1939 года. Их мощность составляла 82 500 кВ-А и объем производимой энергии равнялся 130 000 000 киловатт-часам в месяц. За два года работы гидроэлектростанции Бюро мелиорации, которое построило плотину, получило 3 297 289 долларов. (AP Photo)


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