In this photo provided by the Department of the Interior, the high-voltage switching yard at Boulder Dam, with the steel etched against a black desert sky, April 27, 1937. Power from the generators at the top of Boulder Dam left this station on the main line to Los Angeles at 287,500 volts. Four 115,000 horse power generating units were installed and placed in operation by the Bureau of Reclamation in the Boulder Dam power house. The ultimate installation would consist of 15 units of this size and two of 55,000 horse power. (AP Photo/Department of the Interior)

37. Распределительное устройство плотины Гувер ночью, 27 апреля 1937 года. 15 генераторов мощностью 115000 лошадиных сил и 2 генератора мощностью 55000 лошадиных сил производят электроэнергию, которая распределяется здесь и по линиям электропередач направляется в Лос-Анжелес. (AP Photo/Department of the Interior)


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